Nano T8 LED tube light

Short Description:

  • New Nano PC is used because of its super heat dissipation. Comparing with normal PC tube, Nano tube is much more tough and with perfect compressive resistance.  

  • Solid LED source, high brightness, fast response, less heat.
  • With special optical processing, make the light soft and comfortable.
  • 1.5m length is available for Nano tube since it’s not bending at all as normal PC tube.
  • High reliability, life span reach to 50000 hours, 8~12 times of traditional fluorescent lamp, with low maintenance cost
  • Environmentally-friendly, Safe pollution-free, reach ROHS requirement.

  • Shipping Port: Shenzhen
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    1. Long lifespan, at least more than 4 years fluorescent.

    2. High quality SMD2835 LED chipset.
    3. Solid state, high shock/vibration resistant
    4. Universal Constant Current Voltage 90-265VAC, 50/60Hz.
    5. Power factor is >0.9.
    6. No mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS compliant.
    7. High cost-effective.
    8. Completely insulated electrical design for maximum safety.


    Product Code LL-T8/600-48P-3C-N LL-T8/1200-96P-3C-N LL-T8/1500-120P-3C-N
    Item L=600/2ft L=1200/4ft L=1500/5ft
    Rated Power 9W 18W 22W
    Input Voltage AC 90-265V(50/60Hz)
    Working Voltage Constant DC50-80V
    LED Type /Qty 48pcs SMD2835 96pcs SMD2835 120pcs SMD2835
    Luminous Flux (±10%) 900lm 1800lm 2200lm
    Power Factor PF>0.9
    Color Temperature 3000K-6500K
    Viewing Angle 320°
    Socket / Diameter Rotatable G13/ D26mm
    Housing material PC
    Protection Class IP20
    Temperature Operation : -10°C~+40°C Storage: -30°C~+60°C
    Life span of Light Source ≧50,000 hours
    Warranty 2years




    Model Spec(m) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) Base Type
    LL-T8/600-48P-3C-N 0.6 588±1 603 26 G13
    LL-T8/1200-96P-3C-N 1.2 1198±1 1213 26 G13
    LL-T8/1500-120P-3C-N 1.5 1498±1 1513 26 G13


    Mall, store, hotel, office, supermarket, commercial building, station, warehouse, parking lot, restaurant ,subway station, bank, warehouse, exhibition gallery, library, factory, cabinet, kitchen,etc. 

    Replace conventional fluorescent lamp or sodium lamp.


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